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While counting the beans is important, being able to trust your numbers, and make a game plan for the future is paramount.


Looking back is helpful in identifying trends but looking forward can really help you get a handle on where to focus your energy, and where you are doing well.


How much cash will I need? Can I afford this new piece of equipment? Can we really service the new client with our current resources? These are all questions that keep many business owners up at night, but a CPA is trained to help!


Your financial statements are where you get this information, but you need to be able to take that historical view, and project it into the future, knowing what your plans are you can create an estimate of the financial results.

You don't have to do this alone, let us help. It isn't going to require a second mortgage to be able to afford a licensed CPA either.

Have a nagging suspicion something just isn't right in your accounting records, no problem. These are both very common issues for small business, and sometimes loyalty to current staff can cloud the issue even more.


There is absolutely nothing wrong with getting a "health checkup" for your accounting and financial reporting processes, a CPA can help!

Our CPA firm offers a broad range of services including business process review, monthly book keeping services, business advisory services, tax services, new entity document assistance, audit preparation & internal control review, and  software set-up consultation,  all in a professional and technologically advanced practice. Need to clean up your financials, no problem, but what we really want, is to help you sleep better at night.


We are committed to providing you with the most up-to-date accounting and business information and advice so you can stay focused on your number one priority: your business.  When you work with  our firm, you can rely on expert and professional advice, we specialize in small business--we offer a tailored and personalized consulting service based on your needs, from basic book keeping and payroll to tax planning, all supervised or performed by a licensed CPA.


We don't just specialize in the crunching numbers, we help you understand what they mean and how to change them, for the better!